Top 5 Interior Trends This Summer

Although we strongly believe that blindly following trends is not something you should do while creating your dream  home, taking inspiration from them is definitely advised. Therefore, we have gathered the top 5 trends of this summer that will hopefully inspire you and will put you on the right path in this dynamic and ever-changing world of interior design.
1. Tropical 
Although tropical greenery is not a new trend, it is definitely here to stay this season. Bringing a piece of nature to your home, whether it's a plant or a botanical wall print, is a safe bet while trying to cozy up your interior.

2. Natural Design
With the emphasis on craftsmanship, handmade products and natural materials like wood, natural design is swooping right into the top interior trends for the upcoming season.
3. Bold details
Nothing makes a better statement in your interior than incorporating a bold detail into it. Whether it's an extravagant artwork, unique vase or a bright-colored sofa, it will do the trick.
4. Pastel Colors 
On the opposite team of the bold statement trend, we have pastel colors. The perfect color palette for bedroom, pastel accents are welcome in other spaces as well. Why not display the perfect baby blue side table in the living room, for all the guests to admire?
5. Geometric Tiles
Although we've seen this trend before on cushions and posters, it's time to bring it on to the walls. Never a boring bathroom or kitchen with eye-catching geometric tiles. And the shape and color combinations are endless! 

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